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Rogue Legacy 2 Complete Guide, everything you need to know about the game to get started

Rogue Legacy 2 Complete Guide

Rogue Legacy 2 Dm Gaming submenu

Zones, Connections, Blacksmith, Equipment, Runes, Resolve, Relics, Classes, Scars, Architect, Legacy, everything about Rogue Legacy 2

  • Rogue Legacy 2 Ultra Complete Guide :(00:00)
  • Zones, connections, order and boss: (00:22)
  • Blacksmith, Concordance, Equipment, Weight, Determination and Attributes: (01:21)
  • Enchantress, runes and effects: (02:54)
  • Classes and powers: (04:50)
  • Passives and Choices: (07:40)
  • Legacies: (08:20)
  • Architect : (08:45)
  • Scars and Enhancements: (09:10)
  • Custom rules: (09:34)
  • The after end, NP+ frame burdens and Primes: (10:13)
  • Everything on :(10:45)

  • Rogue Legacy 2 Guide, all you need to know: (00:00)
  • Areas, links, order and bumps: (00:20)
  • Blacksmith, equipment, resolve, weights, unity, attributes: (01:12)
  • Enchantress, rune and effects: (03:00)
  • Classes and power: (04:41)
  • Passives and choices: (06:50)
  • Trials: (07:32)
  • Architect: (07:43)
  • Scars and upgrades: (07:57)
  • House rules: (08:12)
  • Endgame, NG+ and Primes: (08:30)
  • All on (08:50)

Zones and connections

The game is not linear, ie you can access different areas without necessarily going to the level above. The areas below are listed in order to do, along with how to find them:

  1. Citadel of Agartha, accessible as soon as you enter the dungeon
  2. Axis Mundi, going all the way to the right of the Citadel of Agartha
  3. Plateau Kergueulen, by defeating the boss of Axis Mundi
  4. Stygian Study, passing north of the Citadel of Agartha
  5. Solar Tower, just above the Pizza area in Axis Mundi
  6. Dried Lake Pishon, going south of the Citadel of Agartha

You also find all Rogue Legacy 2 bosses here.

Blacksmith, all equipment, attributes and weights

Here's how the blacksmith and items work:

  • each item can be upgraded four times (pushed the limit via scars)
  • each object is declined in set, weapon helm torso cape jewel
  • if you have several items of the same type, you will get a match bonus
  • the resources used are ore and gold
  • you are limited by the weight you can carry, improve in passives
  • the more gear you wear, the less determination you will have
  • Here are the match bonuses:
    • Leather: for more relics
      • 20% determination, 30% determination, 30% determination min
    • Scholar: spell critical hit damage
      • +10 focus, +20 focus, 20% magic critical chance
    • Guard: weapon critical hit damage
      • +10 dexterity, +20 dexterity, 20% weapon critical chance
    • Bloodthirst: Lifesteal Rune
      • +2 lifesteal rune, +3 lifesteal rune, +375% returns
    • Ammonite: to reduce damage
      • +30 armor, +60 armor, 40% armor multiplier
    • Crescent: spell damage
      • +15 intelligence, +30 intelligence, +20% magic
    • Submersion: weapon damage
      • +15 strength, +30 strength, +20% strength
    • Gold: more resource
      • 10% ether and ore, +20% ether and ore, +50% gold
    • Obsidian: for life
      • +15 vitality, +30 vitality, 20% vitality multiplier
    • Leviathan: for mana theft
      • 10% absorption, 15% absorption, +5 souldrain runes
    • Parent: for the resurrection
      • 150% returns damage, 50 max mana, +1 resurrection

Enchantress, all runes and effects

You can equip runes to help you in your runs:

  • runes can be upgraded once the game is over
  • you are limited by your total rune capacity, upgraded through passives
  • here are the runes and their interest:
    • lifesteal - very useful for self-healing
    • soul drain - very useful for self-healing
    • sharp rune - weapon crit chance
    • focal rune - magic crit chance
    • power rune - critical damage with weapons, blah
    • rune of the elders - critical damage with spells, blah
    • good fortune rune - super crit, so much crit
    • rune of high stakes - crit multiplier, if much crit
    • absorption rune - more mana when attacking
    • ability rune - max mana increased
    • amplification rune - increases status durations, very useful for Leaders
    • trickery rune - mana with spinning kick, blah
    • reinforced rune - improved total armor
    • bent rune - max block improved (base 30%)
    • rune of satiation - potion heal you
    • riposte rune - reflected damage
    • magnetic rune - attracts objects, one point is enough
    • loot rune - more gold
    • stone rune - more ore
    • red rune - more ether
    • rune of determination - more determination
    • rune of haste - faster
    • leap rune - one more aerial leap, good but expensive
    • crossing rune - one more jump, good but expensive

Relics and determination

Relics are powerful assets that you find in your runs. Some are more useful depending on your class, activity and you will have to be careful with your determination. This resource is displayed at the top left of the screen, with each relic used it will decrease. For each point below 100%, you lose 1% of your max life. So be very careful! If you had 300 max life, with 50% determination remaining you will go to 150 max life.

All classes and powers

Here are the classes in the game. It is important to play each class because you will earn bonus points for all of your characters. Even if you don't like certain classes, try to pass them to at least level 5!

  • Assassin, a very good melee fighter
  • Astromancer, an alternative to the mage but who freezes while attacking
  • Barbarian, critical hits on the ground guaranteed, it hits very hard
  • Bard, for me the worst class in the game, low damage and life
  • Boxer, nag characters but complicated to master
  • Chief, the only class that heals and has a base burn, probably the best
  • Knight, a sword-balanced character
  • Duelist, a melee but not very powerful character
  • Mage, the basic spellcasting class
  • Lancer Dragon, the only character with an anti-projectile shield, very practical
  • Gunslingers, an alternative to Stalkers with high DPS
  • Stalker, the archer who can aim his attacks
  • Ronin, the samurai with a long attack range
  • Pirate, a rather complicated character to play but with class
  • Valkyrie, a balanced character who can aim

Passives and upgrades

You have a whole range of passives, but here is the order I advise you to take:

  • which gives gold strokes then which multiplies the value
  • increased gold in the vault
  • the augmented experience

Then take:

  • vitality and intelligence, in order to increase the healing of healing items
  • armor
  • increase your max weight and max runes as needed


You will need Legacy to progress through the game, so take a look at all legacies of Rogue Legacy 2 if you ever get stuck!


The Architect is a very special feature in Rogue Legacy 2. On each attempt, the world is reset, unless you block it with the Architect. He will take a share of all the money earned, so be very careful when using this method!

Scars and enhancements

Scars are a complex and integral element of Rogue Legacy 2, do not hesitate to take a look at our guide to All scars and upgrades in Rogue Legacy 2.

Custom rules

Custom rules are unique to Rogue Legacy 2 as well. Even if it's a shame not to have for example a variation of the gold obtained, if the game is too hard you can lower the difficulty. I still advise you not to touch it until you have at least killed the final boss of the game, you will miss the essence of Rogue Legacy 2.

The after end, NP+ and Primes

Once the game is over, you will have the choice of game increment. This means that each completed game will unlock the next difficulty, hence the name New Game Plus. You will have all these activities to perform:

  • recover equipment, runes and passives
  • face the new versions of Bosses and Scars
  • unlock story

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Alchemists dm gaming

You will thus have all the information to remember about Rogue Legacy 2, be it areas, connections, blacksmith, equipment, runes, determination, relics, classes, scars, architect, heritage and much more! You will be able to take the game in hand much more easily, better equip yourself and be able to finish it!

Rogue Legacy 2 Dm Gaming submenu

By Alchemists, May 2022

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