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Complete Rising Hell, the complete guide

Finish Rising Hell, gameplay and info!

I tell you how to complete Rising Hell, with the talents, relics, character but also the complete gameplay and boss!

Build Monk Diablo Immortal, to start in team support
Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
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  • Guide presentation: (00:00)
  • Choice of warrior, weapon and talent: (00:11)
  • World 1, Pit of Torment: (01:14)
  • Boss 1, Dagon The False Judge: (05:51)
  • World 2, Beelzebub's Lair: (07:14)
  • Boss 2, Beelzebub Lord of Moths: (12:26)
  • World 3, Citadel of the Faithless: (14:06)
  • Boss 3, Dasael The Fallen: (18:54)
  • World 4, Gate of Hell: (20:44)
  • Boss 4, Belial The Decivous Tyrant: (21:30)
  • Ending, the ending cutscene: (24:00)
  • Last word: (26:19)

Choice of warrior, weapon and talent

For the warrior, I recommend Arok. It's the toughest and does enough damage. Zelos and Sydna are interesting because they have good offensive statistics, but remain too weak in defense for my taste. For weapons, I highly recommend Cerberos, which gives you a very nice boost to clear all enemies. Note that you will unlock this relic at level 8.

For in-game talents, prioritize looking for one that gives you a percentage chance to heal based on your damage, combined with an increase to your damage and total health. With this system, you can heal yourself at once to 50 life points on the third hit of the combo!

World 1, Pit of Torment

For this world nothing special, just watch out for the intermediate areas with many traps or rising flames. Try to kill as many enemies as possible to collect their red souls.

Boss 1, Dagon, The False Judge

Right off the bat, the first Dagon boss, The False Judge sets the tone for the level of the game. His most crippling attack is his multiple projectiles. Get in a corner and dodge! The others are pretty simple, a laser and sends it to a bouncing eye. Always take the time to dodge his attacks well before fighting.

World 2, Beelzebub's Lair

This level is also not extremely complicated, just watch out for the bulbs that contain three lightning minions. Remember to kill them all the same in order to recover the red souls. Big poison creeps explode when they die, run after killing them!

Boss 2, Beelzebub Lord of Moths

Second boss of the game, and even more complicated than the one before. It will quickly put an end to your adventure if you do not master it. It has three phases:

  • Phase 1, aim for the head, dodge lasers and acid bubbles
  • Phase 2, the hardest, go through a wall to jump on his body, dodge lasers, projectiles, acid bubbles and claw strikes
  • Phase 3, aim anywhere, dodge its acid breath, acid bubbles and projectiles

The best technique is to be in the air, to tap and dash to stay in the air and to dodge, but it is not easy to achieve!

World 3, Citadel of the Faithless

This third level is the hardest, the monsters are much tougher and require better management from your character. Pay particular attention to witches that you can't kill with a jump, as well as insectoids that you have to kick from behind.

Boss 3, Dasael The Fallen

The third boss is simpler than the second, but as it is further in the adventure you will have less opportunity to face it. Be very careful all the same because it hits hard!

  • Phase 1
    • attack at very short range, to dodge
    • grapple attack, he throws his point and ends up on it, the less life he has the more attacks he makes in a row
    • whirlwind attack, in a straight line, easy to dodge
    • laser attack on the ground, triggers after a short time, easy to dodge
  • Phase 2
    • launches a self-seeking shield, to dodge but complicated
    • laser on the ground, identical to the previous one but stronger
    • laser, be careful this attack is fast
    • projectiles, much like the first boss

World 4, Gate of hell

For the fourth level, you will only have enough to buy. So collect all you can, knowing that you can buy all three talents! You will then face the final boss.

Boss 4, Belial, The Deceivous Tyrant

Final boss of the game, which is not the most complicated, except to manage your stress to stay focused and not start all over again! It is very difficult to aim, wait until its head is at its lowest to be able to hit it. Clear his left and right tentacles first and dodge their attacks!

Ending, the end cutscene

I let you enjoy this end cutscene, to find out if we succeeded (or not!) to get out of Hell!

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Alchemists dm gaming

All you have to do is practice to complete Rising Hell and then go to the next difficulty level, which adds 25% damage to monsters!

By Alchemists, January 2022

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