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Mr. X Nightmare SOR4, an incredible DLC

Mr. X Nightmare DLC

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Mr. X Nightmare: Streets of Rage 4 DLC test with new characters Shiva, Max Thunder and Estel Aguirre and survival mode

Build Monk Diablo Immortal, to start in team support
Best Diablo Immortal Crusader build, to destroy the game from the start
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  • Intro (00:00)
  • New characters (00:14)
  • Survival mode and new combos (01:10)
  • Free Update Content (02:25)
  • Balance sheet and rating (02:55)
  • Last word (03:55)

New characters

First important aspect of the DLC, the three new characters. When usually the prices are around 5 € per character for a DLC, here you have three additional characters. So even if we can argue that the characters are already existing and "only" suitable as a playable character, it is still very affordable. Here are the characters:

  • Estel Aguirre, the police lieutenant. Your star shot calls the police, your special shot blinding grenade and explosive grenade. On the combo side, we are on a wrestling style with medium speed. Estel is a very well balanced character!
  • Max Thunder, the catcher. Icon of Streets of Rage 2, he returns in the 4 where you have to face him. There is little change except for his new aerial special move and his star move. Max is quite slow and comes close to Floyd's style
  • Shiva, THE WEAPON. Since the time that I wanted to play it, it is finally doable! Although I regret that we cannot have its clones, it is super fast and very powerful. His star hit makes an area of ​​effect around him, a bit like Blaze.

Full Roster DLC Streets of Rage 4 Mr. X NightmareThe complete roster with the Mr. X Nightmare DLC

Survival mode and new combos

Second part of the DLC and not the least, especially since it is included in the Pocket price of 8 €, the survival mode and the new combos. You will be able via this mode to unlock an alternative combo for each character and each combo. That is to say :

  • the special move, the special move in the air and to the right
  • the star shot
  • the dash

A very good plus allowing you to customize all your characters, and usable in all game modes!

The survival mode itself is super nice, you have to clean one area to move on to the next one:

  • at each area cleaned you will have the choice of a buff
  • every four levels you will face a boss
  • the levels are all beautiful, brand new and super nice
  • you will also have the new musics
  • depending on your level reached, you will unlock alternative combos

Survival Mode DLC Streets of Rage 4 Mr. X NightmareThe new stages of survival mode

Free update content

This part does not fit in the DLC and therefore in my evaluation, but it is still important to see the content added in parallel:

  • New Mania + difficulty
  • Training system with learning combos
  • 4 different clothes per character
  • A great balancing patch
Most The lessers
- Huge content for a reduced price
- Super cool survival mode
- The principle of alternative combos a real plus

- The three new characters already existing

Alchemists dm gaming

Having already had a great time on Streets of Rage 4, I was definitely waiting for this DLC. After testing a lot of games and associated DLC, I've never seen so much great content for such a tight price. Even if we can blame that the characters are already existing, overall this Mr. X Nightmare DLC is pure pleasure, and if you like Streets of Rage 4 you can take it with your eyes closed!

I rated Mr. X Nightmare 5/5

five star dm gaming

streets of rage 4 logo

By Alchemists, July 2021

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