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Build Wrath Hunter X Speed ​​Farm The Slormancer

Build Huntress Speedfarm

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Build Huntress The Slormancer: Speed ​​Farm Material, Legendary Expeditions and Slorm Reapers! For me the best build of the game!


  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • Gameplay and synergy: (00:12 )
  • Skills and ancestral heritage: (01:00 )
  • Equipment: (05:08 )
  • Attributes, liabilities: (07:53 )
  • Wrath Expedition 8 x 3: (10:36 )
  • Wrath Expedition 10: (15:28 )
  • Last word: (17:07 )

Gameplay and synergy

This build will be based on five rather simple mechanics to work:

  • projectile piercing: you have 100% chance to pierce with arrow shot
  • projectile rebound: you have at least a 50% chance of rebound
  • movement speed: you have at least + 40% movement speed
  • the number of projectiles: you have 10 projectiles with arrow shooting
  • projectile speed: you have + 100% projectile speed, increasing their distance traveled

In the end, you type fast, you move fast, and you don't even need to aim for the bounces destroying the entire map. In the game, a projectile's travel time is fixed, so if you increase the speed of the projectile, it will go farther!

Skills and ancestral heritage:

Tumbler, for displacement and projectiles

  • Assassin's Momentum: 40% movement speed after tumble
  • know your enemy: reduced enemy projectile damage by 50%
  • self-mastery: attack speed when neither tormented nor delighted
  • frantic pace: dagger when tumbling
  • Nature's Accuracy: 10% Critical Hit Chance
  • rapid fire: 40% projectile speed
  • baba yaga: 25% more damage to elites
  • endless upper quiver: +5 projectile but + 300% mana, while waiting for enough mana steal take wild luck

Arrow shot, primary damage spell

  • Bouncing Arrow: + 50% chance of projectile bounce
  • Obsidian Spike: + 100% chance to pierce
  • kickback: + 20% damage after rebound, + 100% if the projectile does not hit before rebound
  • many arrows: +3 projectiles
  • Multiplicative Arrow: + 10% chance of forking, useful only if you have a chance to fork in equipment stats

Arrow boom, single target

You can also choose another projectile spell, such as heavy explosive, void arrow, or death arrow. Be careful, however, not to row! I preferred arrow volley because it allows a little more damage in single target on anger X, the clear being sufficient with arrow shooting.

  • business class: reduces the flight time of the flights
  • hunting net (aggro) or acid flood (anti-armor)
  • cover fire: +3 volleys
  • stuck: slow down enemies
  • Intense downpour: + 40% damage in the next rounds

Ancestral heritage

  • experienced hunter: attack speed and armor penetration
  • burning shadow: raw damage and critical damage by activating it

Arrow Volley Build Huntress Wrath X Speed ​​Farm The SlormancerRain of Arrow's liabilities

somersault Build Huntress Wrath X Speed ​​Farm The SlormancerThe Passives of Culbute

arrow shot m Build Huntress Wrath X Speed ​​Farm The SlormancerPassives of Arrow Shot


Here are the stats to fetch, in order of priority

  • raw damage, percentage raw damage, critical chance, ancestral chance
  • projectile speed, bounce chance, movement speed, critical and ancestral damage
  • chance to fork

Must have:

  • life theft on gloves
  • mana steal from bracelets

Do not take a chance to break through, you already have 100%!

For the slorm reaper:

  • arc of immense fury, physical damage is insane
  • anything that has big physical damage while waiting

For masteries, think of mastering only arrow shooting, our main spell, which makes you +22 in arrow shooting, or + 88% damage of the spell! Note that the stats given are with +6 equipment, my legendary gives 40% max reaper damage.

Gear and stats Build Wrath Hunter X Speed ​​Farm The SlormancerStatistics and equipment

Attributes, liabilities

I took a lot of the head off to offer you the most optimized passive tree possible, and here's what works best with this build:

  • Skill: 25 points, allows you to recover all projectile speed passives
  • Savagery: the rest, or 48 points. It is the best option for the damage

And why not bravery?

I tried bravely, which is on paper very interesting for a speed farm build by offering more movement speed, chance of finding magical items and slorms, as well as gold. Except that the passive point blow is too high, suddenly it is more interesting to quickly kill more creeps rather than taking too long to kill few creeps even if they drop better!

passive attributes Build Huntress Wrath X Speed ​​Farm The SlormancerPassive attributes of the build

Speedrun Experiment Wrath VIII x3

Here are the average statistics of three runs in expeditions 8. By average, I mean that it was not a run with a crazy density, nor a terrible density!

  • 296 enemies / minute
  • 10 breaches / minute
  • dps> 1 million, they die too fast for dps!

Wrath VIII Build Huntress Wrath X Speed ​​Farm The SlormancerThe stats of 3 runs in a row in Angry VIII

Speedrun Expé Anger X

Ditto, the stats of an average X angry run:

  • 258 enemies / minute
  • 7 breaches / minute
  • dps 2.5 million

Wrath x Build Huntress Wrath X Speed ​​Farm The SlormancerThe stats of an angry run X

Details on the stats:

  • made with +6 gear with the right skills, reaper and attributes, as well as the right rolls. It's not rocket science but don't roll me piercing or max mana!
  • attention angry X, melee bosses you bones


  • 0.1.97: creation
What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Ultra powerful, challenge any build!
- Clear the map without aiming
- Adaptable to any equipment

- watch out for the cac!

Alchemists dm gaming

Definitely my favorite build on The Slormancer, it will allow you to very quickly recover all the equipment, materials and legendaries you want, as well as to upgrade your storm reaper!

By Alchemists, April 2021

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