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Temple Slorm The Slormancer: Learn all about the Cataclysm additions, juicy slorm and the new Temple game system!

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  • Intro: (00:00)
  • Temple Slorm game mode: (00:16)
  • Cataclysm and new enemies: (02:44)
  • Balance sheet: (03:44)
  • Last word: (04:16)

Temple Slorm game mode

Huge addition to the game, the Temple Slorm! The extremely positive point of this mode is that it is not an alternative to expeditions but rather real complementary content, since you will have to make expeditions to access the temple. Here is how it works:

  • unlock the Archmage by closing breaches
  • collect the new Ancient Slorm currency by killing elite enemies in the breaches
  • use this currency to advance in the temple
  • at each level you will collect Pure Slorms, allowing to be used by the new NPC in the Juicy Slorm

For the temple, there is some information to know:

  • you have to do the levels one by one, each level will cost you Old Slorm
  • if you die you start over at level 1
  • if you close the temple you start over at level 1
  • on the other hand, it is possible to leave the temple, go on an expedition, and return to the temple at the level you want
  • closing the temple gives access to the NPC to spend their Pure Slorms there

The new NPC is of great interest, as long as you have a pack of Pure Slorm:

  • improve the chances of having pure stats
  • improve amounts of Ancient Slorm
  • recover pure slorm
  • lower the cost of processing
  • you will also have two new tabs if you get to floors 50 and 100

I find it just a bit of a shame to have to start all over again, a bit off-putting even if you can take the opportunity to recover primordial slorm reaper.

The New NPC Archmage At Juicy Slor The SlormancerThe new NPC in the Slorm Temple update

Cataclysm and new enemies

In order to spice up the expeditions, and even if it is currently impossible to add cataclysms at the beginning of them, you will find them randomly in your expeditions on the breaches:

  • they can be present automatically on the map or in breaches
  • they can be against you "Cataclysm" or helping you "Exalted"

You will also have a new bonus, multi-waves, when you activate this breach several waves of enemies will appear in succession, and when it is closed you will have a bonus of 0,5% gold and slorm found.

Finally, 5 new enemies appear: specter, spider, bat, gingerbread skeleton and executioner. They are quite nice and bring freshness to the bestiary!

The Slormancer's Breach CataclysmsCataclysms breaches, beware the effects are sometimes very dangerous!

Alchemists dm gaming

Even though the quality of Slormite Studio's work on The Slormancer is well established, they still manage to surprise me with a super cool content update that really makes you want to play the game! The only downside is the redundancy of the temple, but otherwise it is only happiness!

I rated this update 4.5 / 5


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By Alchemists, July 2021

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