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Build Mighty Angry Knight X The Slormancer

Powerful Anger Knight Build X

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Mighty Knight Build: find in this article a build to easily perform The Slormancer 10 Wrath Expeditions


  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • Gameplay and synergy: (00:12 )
  • Skills and ancestral heritage: (02:40 )
  • Equipment: (05:50 )
  • Attributes, liabilities: (07:58 )
  • Wrath Expedition 7: (08:39 )
  • Wrath Expedition 10: (11:15 )
  • Last word: (15:47 )

Gameplay and synergy

This powerful knight build will use two mechanics to understand:

  • skewer: who will reapply damage to a target
  • cumulative defense: who will give us resistance stacks

Skewer will only be applied by Tourbillon mastery 9, so the build will work perfectly at this mastery level. Before, all the nodes taken in skewer will not work because you have nothing applying it. I strongly advise you to put Tourbillon mastery in your equipment, at the latest when you are level 40, in order to avoid waiting too long for the mechanics to work.

Stack Defense is a Hookshot 6 mastery passive. It is essential to properly use the timer, it is from there that we get all our resistance. Each stack defense effect gives 1% resistance depending on the enemy hit, stackable up to 100. Even if the objective is not to have 100, with my stuff I need about 30 stacks in angry 8 and 70 angry 10. You get about 10 to 20 stacks per grappling hook. Here are the different stacks:

  • stacked close defense: When hitting a melee slamming target, 1% reduced melee damage taken
  • stacked ranged defense: When hitting a ranged target, 1% reduced projectile damage taken
  • stacked area defense: when you hit a target that hits AOE (ewoks), 1% area damage reduction

Zone stacks will be useless, they are also too hard to stack with the low density of creeps in this style. Be careful, if you don't want to be OS, you will have to dodge AOEs and mages' spells, having no protection against them.

Skills and ancestral heritage

Here are the skills to use as well as the passive tree.

Whirlpool, main damage spell

  • centripetal force: more damage from interior fires
  • slice wind: chance to relaunch the attack
  • irremovable: tenacity
  • acceleration: increased damage while channeling whirlwind
  • spindle to spindle: capacity of spindle

Grapple, enemy pack spell and resistance

  • long chain: increases the range
  • captain hook: grapple all over the place
  • gather information: give defense stacks
  • shining star: blind enemies
  • headbutt: earthquake when perfect

Remember to activate grappling hook when you have 100 chance to trigger headbutt (this is our only spell that uses luck).

Battle Banner, only for passives, no need to cast it

  • that they are fragile: increased damage to spit
  • the knight and his friends: increased cc damage according to the level of the mage and huntress
  • mass racking-in: accumulation of racking-in up to 15 instead of 10
  • improved banner: whatever
  • massive injury: skew damage 20 to 30%
  • mordau (critical damage) or chivalry (grapple cooldown)
  • lacerate: damage skewed critically
  • open wound: 10% damage to skewer per second

Ancestral heritage

  • searing shadow: 50% raw damage and 100% critical strike damage for 12 seconds
  • ancestral gift: raw damage and armor penetration

mighty vortex knight build the slormancer dm gamingTourbillon and its liabilities

battle banner mighty knight build the slormancer dm gamingBattle Banner and its Passives

grapple mighty knight build the slormancer dm gamingGrapple and its liabilities


Here are the stats to collect on the equipment:

  • raw damage,% raw damage, critical and ancestral chance
  • Critical Hit and Ancestral Damage
  • life steal on glove magic stats
  • mana steal from magic bracelet stats

Note that I have a legendary giving + 40% reaper damage, which is very practical but by no means obligatory.

For slorm reapers:

  • sword of immense fury, the raw damage is just stupid: ')
  • while waiting for the most powerful sword, or the one that gives the most raw damage

The stats below are given with equipment averaging +5.

inventory and stats mighty knight build the slormancer dm gamingMy current stats and gear

Attributes, liabilities

Two options for liabilities:

  • to max only savagery, up to mastery 60
  • to put 10 points of fury and fervor, then the rest savagery

Max savagery is more interesting if you managed to get 60 mastery points, but I had no more money: ')

passive attributes mighty knight build the slormancer dm gamingOption 2 for the knight's attributes


  • 0.1.97: creation
What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Very resistant
- Quick to clear
- Insane damage

- Mages and aoe are complicated

Alchemists dm gaming

Here is an ultra resistant build allowing you to face an unlimited number of enemies on The Slormancer! Very practical to play and to clear, it will allow you to easily recover powerful objects!

By Alchemists, April 2021

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