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World War Z classes: find the class descriptions and their ranking, to start the game well!

World War Z Dm Gaming Classes


The infantryman is the most balanced class in World War Z, he is viable solo, easy to master and has all the kit of a perfect zombie slayer. Recommended for players who are new to this type of game or who want to discover the world of World War Z.
Utility: +


The artificer is the kaboom specialist, he will be able to blow up the hordes of zombies but also basic access to weapon caches. However, he has a fairly limited arsenal as soon as he runs out of explosives.
Utility: +

Support agent

Support Agent is one of the most important classes in World War Z, especially when playing in a group. He will be able to replenish your team with ammunition and also give them explosive bullets, which will be very effective against elite mobs or zombie packs.
Utility: ++

Male nurse

The paramedic is the most important class in the game. Its usefulness can be quite arbitrary at first, however as soon as you get on complex missions or hordes of difficult ones, a good medic will make all the difference in your team. It will therefore be essential either to master it, or to know a good thing about it!
Utility: +++


The exterminator is the anti-horde gentleman (or madam!). The more enemies you have, the happier he is! You will therefore often need an exterminator by your side!
Utility: +


Surineur is a melee class, hitting with a machete is his credo. However, this is also what makes its weakness, and it will be very complicated to make this class profitable in complicated missions!
Utility: -

Master Drone

The master drone is the latest addition to WWZ, as its name suggests, it will be accompanied by a nice drone killing zombies for you! He is neither essential nor useless, and is placed at the same “+” rank as his compatriots.
Utility: +


You will understand, the choice of classes is quite obvious at four:

  • Male nurse
  • Support agent
  • 2 to choose from: exterminator, infantryman, artificer or master drone!
Alchemists dm gaming

Even if 7 classes are available in World War Z, two stand out very largely from the others (nurse and support agent), and will be crucial to succeed in complicated missions. If you ever prefer to go for a full dps version, make sure you have one of these classes in your contacts, or you will quickly be blocked!

By Alchemists, February 2021

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