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Andariel and Duriel Gameplay Diablo 2 Resurrected Boss

Andariel and Duriel

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Diablo 2 Resurrected Gameplay: For this last gameplay article, I present to you the two act bosses Andariel and Duriel!

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Die, vile maggots! Well the game was in English, too bad I didn't get this iconic sentence! In any case, the first act boss of the game, after having descended to the bottom of the catacombs! The design is quite impressive, and quite faithful to the original! Consider taking antidote potions, which removes the poison but also improves your resistance to it. Both rooms are full of monsters, remember to clean them up before facing Andariel!

andariel diablo 2 resurrectedAndariel, the boss of act 1 at the end of the catacombs


For Duriel, it was not the same thing! After finding the right grave with the quest symbol, I had to go through almost all of it before I could finally find the entrance! Note that I have level up in order to have enough strength (30) to be able to carry the stick! Having put vitality and energy in priority ... As in my memories, Duriel hits hard. I would even say that he beats up! Be careful if you play the melee blow, it will most likely destroy you. For my part with good kitting and teleportation I was able to get rid of it, but it was especially important not that he comes to tickle me in melee!

duriel act 2 diablo 2 resurrectedDuriel, the boss of act 2 in the canyon of the mages

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A real pleasure to be able to face these two bosses again, for Andariel it went rather well, on the other hand Duriel gave me a hard time! Fortunately I was able to kite, because it knocked me out with a few kicks! Rip my mercenary who doesn't have him tank at all: ')

By Alchemists, April 2021

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