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60 Narmari Hell 2 Diablo Immortal dungeons, legendary drops, sets, sellable gems and caps

Best Diablo 2 Season Build Tournament

Witch Diablo 2 Resurrected Dm Gaming

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I present to you my best build to start the new season of Diablo 2, the Ice Orb and Hydra witch!

  • Intro Sponsors: (00:00)
  • The best build for the new Diablo 2 season! Hydra Witch and Ice Orb: (00:12)
  • Skills leveling 1 to 35: (00:48)
  • Skills leveling 35 and above: (01:38)
  • Final Skills: (02:36)
  • Normal and Nightmare Equipment :(03:10)
  • Equipment farm MF hell : (04:55)
  • Mercenary leveling :(06:50)
  • endgame mercenary :(07:12)
  • Best areas to farm with this build :(08:10)
  • PvP version of the build: (09:05)
  • Gameplay new areas 85 act 3 :(09:24)
  • Diablorun Hell Gameplay :(10:30)
  • Gameplay Baalrun Hell :(11:11)
  • Thank you for watching this video, don't forget to follow the channel! :(12:10)

  • The best build to start the new Diablo 2 Ladder! Hydra and Frozen Orb Sorceress: (00:00)
  • Skill leveling 1 to 35: (00:22)
  • Skills leveling 35 and more: (00:52)
  • Skill level 90: (01:25)
  • normal equipment and nightmare: (01:48)
  • Equipment farm MF hell: (02:49)
  • Mercenary leveling: (04:14)
  • Mercenary endgame:(04:26)
  • Best farming areas with this build: (04:59)
  • PvP build: (05:37)
  • Gameplay new areas 85 act 3: (05:48)
  • Diablorun Hell Gameplay:(06:21)
  • GameplayBaalrun Hell:(06:45)
  • Thank you for watching this video! Don't forget to subscribe!: (07:17)

Preamble, why is it the best build?

Before starting this guide, here is why this build is the most powerful:

  • I tested all possible combinations, it is the build that stands out well above
  • you will have no problem dealing with immunes
  • you can farm very easily in hell

Skills leveling 1 to 35

Here is how to improve your skills, note that you will have to use a reset at level 30 or 40, as long as you do this reset before going to nightmare. I recommend this reset at least at level 35 to have 5 points in levels 30.

  • Level 2 - Heat
  • Lair of Evil Quest - Ice Armor
  • Level 3 to 5 - Cold Bolt
  • Level 6 - Static Field
  • Level 7 to 15 - Ice Breath, save two points at level 16 for level 18
  • Level 18 - Telekinesis, Teleport, Ice Spear
  • Level 19 to 22 - Ice Spear, save one point for level 24
  • Level 24 to 29 - Frost Nova and Blizzard
  • Level 30 - Ice Mastery
  • Level 31 to 35 - Blizzard
  • Reset

Note that you can put less skill points in damage and use Enchantment if you play with several people. You can also level with the tree of fire, but it is less powerful than the tree of cold, hence this choice.

Skills before reset best build witch season diablo 2 resurrectedYour skills before the reset

Skills leveling 35 and above

Now that you have level 35, here is how to put your points, you will have 38:

  • 1 point Ice Armor, Teleport, Static Field and Ice Mastery
  • 5 points Ice Orb, Hydra and Fire Mastery
  • which will make you use 26 points
  • DO NOT spend the other points, at each level put a point in Ice Orb, Hydra and Fire Mastery
  • max these spells, which will cost you 73 points and will correspond to the end of the nightmare

Skills after reset best build witch season diablo 2 resurrectedYour skills after the reset

Final skills

Once you have done the previous section, you are left with:

  • 20 points to put in Ice Bolt
  • the rest of your points in Ice Mastery

Final skills best build witch season diablo 2 resurrectedFinal skills at level 90

Leveling equipment

If you have any doubts on how to recover this equipment, you have the information of the mBest Diablo 2 leveling gear here

  • Normal
    • Level 17: Stealth Tal Eth armor for you and your mercenary
    • Level 25: Pact of the Ancients Shield Ral Ort Tal
  • Nightmare
    • Level 25: Weapon Spirit Tal Thul Ort Amn
    • Level 27: Polearm Insight Ral Tir Tal Sol
    • Level 27: Lore Ort Sol Helmet
    • Level 37 or 41 - Smoke Nef Lum or Coeur de Lion Hel Lum Fal
    • Level 43 - Treachery Shael Thul Lem for your mercenary
  • Hell
    • As soon as possible Spirit

To find the best diablo 2 leveling items.

MF equipment beginning and end Hell

Intermediate equipment allowing easy recovery of objects:

  • Helmet: helmet with 3 perfect topaz or Lore then Shako
  • Shield: Spirit
  • Armor: Vipermagi or Skulder then Tal Armor
  • Weapon: Wizzardspike or Gulldager then Oculus or even Obsession
  • Gloves: Mf gloves and as possible chanceguard or Fist of the Mages
  • Boots: rare and as soon as possible War Traveler
  • Ring: two nagel ring
  • Amulet: a good rare and as soon as possible Tal Amu
  • Belt: a rare or goldwrap then Tal Belt

Here are the steps to have:

  • Fast recovery FHR 42% 60% or 86%
  • RCF spell casting speed 63% or 105%
  • about 300% of MF

mercenary leveling

The choice of your mercenary will be based on the weapon bases you find:

  • A 4-hole arc, mercenary act 1 in ice
  • A 4-hole battleaxe, potential act 2 mercenary

Follow the equipment part for the rest

Final mercenary, no need for Infinity!

This build works great without Infinity, especially since you have time before getting your hands on the runes! Here are the mercenaries to take, from easiest to easiest:

  1. Act 1 Cold with Insight
  2. Act 2 Power with Insight Eth
  3. Act 5 Frenzy with double Plague Blight
  4. Act 2 Power with Infinity

Areas to farm

Here are the areas to farm with a single level:

  • Andariel Nightmare and Hell
  • Mephisto Nightmare
  • Diablo Nightmare
  • The Pit The Pit Hell

Then go to these areas:

  • Mephisto Hell
  • Diablo Hell
  • Pre-travincal area
  • Possibly Summoner + Duriel for the keys

PvP version

I'm planning an alternative version in PvP, but I'll publish a little later! Surprise !


You have the gameplay in the video of zones 85, Diablorun, Baalrun of course in Hell!


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Alchemists dm gaming

With this Ice Orb Hydra Witch, you will have no trouble starting the new D2R season from scratch and then very quickly finish the difficulties and start farming in Hell!

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By Alchemists, April 2022

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