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Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected

Best Endgame Diablo 2 Resurrectd Unique Items

Best Unique EndGame Diablo 2

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The best unique Diablo 2 items: to easily recognize which ones to equip according to your build or to trade

Three new Arc Mist runewords, Pattern claws, and Flickering Flame helmet
Assassin Trombe Whirlwind, the power of physical damage and traps Diablo 2 Resurrected
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The purpose of this guide is to show you the useful items but also those that are of value. It would be a shame to sell a two socket COA to Akara! You will therefore have:

  • the purpose of the item, for which build to equip it
  • classification by type of object
  • an estimate of the price, the prices varying a lot in particular on the beginning of D2R, I give you an estimate rather than a price
    • affordable: costs a "pre-hr" rune, such as Pul, Um, Mal or Ist
    • expensive: around one HR
    • very expensive: several HR

I'm not going to list the unique items for you, just the ones that are useful for the EndGame!


Helmets have a peculiarity, it is often replaced by a rare Circlet, giving +2 to the skills of a class. Do not hesitate to look in this direction too!

Only Price Utility
Shako (Harlequi Crest) Affordable For all: +2 skills, life, mana, DR 10%, MF
Coa 1 socket (Crown of Ages) Expensive For all: +1 skill, FHR, DR 10-15%, 1 socket
Coa 2 sockets (Crown of Ages) Very expensive For all: +1 skill, FHR, DR 10-15%, 2 socket
Guillaume's Face Affordable For mercenary: damage
Nightwing's Veil Expensive For cold damage: +2 skills, cold damage
Andariel's Face Expensive For fighter: +2 skills, IAS, life steal
Griffon's Eye Expensive For lightning damage, resistance drop, skills
Jalal's Mane Affordable or Expensive For Druid, skills, FHR
Arreat's Face Affordable or Expensive For Barbarian, skills, FHR, resistance

Note that Valkyrie Wing is very practical for Amazons.


Here are the unique ones for boots, with a fairly limited choice:

Only Price Utility
War traveler Affordable Versatile: Frw, MF
gore-rider Affordable or Expensive For fighter: FRW, OW, CB, DS
goblin-toe Affordable or Expensive For fighter: CB
Sandstorm Ttrek Expensive Versatile: 20 FRW, 20FHR
Shadow Dancer Expensive Versatile: 30 FRW, 30 FHR

Consider the Marrowwalk if you're playing Necromancer Summon!


For belts, the choice is more limited, especially since you cannot have runic words. So you will very often have one of the following:

Only Price Utility
Verdungo Affordable or Expensive For fighter: DR, FHR, Vita
String of Ear Affordable or Expensive For fighter: DR, Flight of life
Arach (Arachnid Mesh) Expensive To cast: skill, FCR
gold wrap Affordable For MF and GF: MF, GF

Note that Thundergod can be useful for Lightning Javazons and Snowclash for Blizzard witches.


Here is the list of useful gloves, there are none really exceptional, but you can also pick up a really good rare with skills, attack speed, resistances, etc. :

Only Price Utility
Magefist Affordable To cast: FCR
Dracul's Grasp Affordable For fighter: life stolen
Steelrend Affordable For fighter: CB
Laying of Hands Affordable For fighter: IAS
Bloodfists Affordable For fighter: IAS, FHR


For shields, although the runic word Spirit is very effective, you have other options for other builds:

Only Price Utility
lidless Affordable To cast while waiting for Spirit
Zakarum Expensive For all Paladins, skills, damage, resistances
Consider improving it if you are Smiter: UPG Zakarum
Stormshield Expensive For all non-casters and non-paladins: 35% DR and block chance


You will have the choice between several unique ones with good advantages compared to the Runic Words:

Only Price Utility
Que-Hegan's Wisdom Affordable or Expensive To cast: +1 skill, FCR, FHR
Guardian Angel Affordable or Expensive To resist: defense, chance block +1 paladin, max resistance
Ormus' Dresses Affordable or Expensive For witch: witch skills (random), FCR, elemental damage
Arkaine's Valor Affordable or Expensive Versatile: +1 to 2 skills, FHR, DR


The choice is very limited in unique, you can however focus on a good rare or a craft (skills, FCR, stats, resistances, etc.):

Only Price Utility
The Cat's Eye Affordable For mobility: FRW and IAS
Mara's Kaleidoscope Expensive Versatile: +2 skills, resistances


The choice is very limited in unique, you can however focus on a good rare or a craft (skills, FCR, stats, resistances, etc.):

Only Price Utility
SoJ (Stone of Jordan) Expensive or Very expensive To cast: skill, mana
BK (Bul Katho's) Expensive or Very expensive For fighter: skill, life, life steal
Nagelring Affordable or Expensive For MF: MF

Multipurpose weapons

For weapons, it's more complicated given the multitude of unique weapons that exist. The first thing to do is to look at your DPS to see if the weapon is suitable, just because it is not in the table below that it will be useless to you. In order to keep it concise, I will stay on the most famous and useful weapons:

Only Type Price Utility
Windforce Arc Affordable or Expensive For Bow Amazon Physical or Mercenary A1: big damage
Ondal's Wisdom Baton Affordable For Experience: 5%, but very little appreciated by your allies in BR
The grandfather Sword Affordable or Expensive For Physical fighter or mercenary A5: high damage
Death cleaver Hache Affordable or Expensive For Physical Fighter: high damage, DS
Blade of Ali Baba Sword Affordable For MF and GF: MF, GF
Lacerator Thrown Ax Affordable For remote barbarian
Tomb Reaver or The Reaper's Toll Hast weapon Affordable For Mercenary Act 2: damage

Specific weapons for classes

To be clearer, here are the weapons that will only be used in certain cases, but not to be underestimated! This doesn't necessarily mean that other classes can't use them, but more than that won't matter:

Only Type Price Utility
Death's Web or Boneshade Baguette Affordable For Bone Necromancer: bone skills
Arm of King Leoric Baguette Affordable For Necromancer Summon only
Astreon's Iron Ward Scepter Affordable or Expensive For Paladin Fighter: skills, damage
Hand of Blessed Light Scepter Affordable For Paladin Fist of Heaven, that's it
Thunderstroke Javelin Affordable or Expensive For Javazone Lightning, skills and damage
Eschuta's Temper or Death's Fantom Orb Affordable or Expensive For Witch, regardless of her damage type (Eschuta Fire Lightning only)
Bartuc's Cut-Throat Handles Affordable or Expensive For Assassin, skills, FHR, damage
Buriza Do Kyanon Crossbow Affordable For Amazone Cold: heavy damage and cold damage

Alchemists dm gaming

You will no longer have any trouble identifying the value of a unique item, as well as their usefulness and be able to more easily create your builds on Diablo 2 Resurrected!

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By Alchemists, September 2021

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