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4 top local and online four-player co-op games in 202


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4 local and online co-op games: find some super cool four-player games in this article and have a great time!


  • Intro, four co-op games: (00:00 )
  • Scott Piligrim, Streets of Rage like: (00:15 )
  • NeurVoider, twinstick shooter: (01:08 )
  • Heave Ho, platform and address: (02:04 )
  • Stick Fight, brawler brawler: (03:30 )
  • Last word: (04:30 )

Scott Pilgrim vs the world, Streets of Rage like

Scott piligrim is a license that is fairly well known to fans, but less known to the general public. If you do not know the film, I encourage you to see it! Anyway, let's talk more about video games! A new edition of the 2010 version has just been released at the start of the year, and if you're a fan of Streets of Rage-style beat them all, you don't have to hesitate before getting it!

Playable by four players locally or online, you will have to beat Ramona's evil exes, in a rogue-like system with level increases. In short, bring friends, hit the bad guys and take levels! This game will be perfect for all fans of the genre!

Neuro Voider, twinstick shooter

In the indie shooter rogue-like coop pixel art style (yes that's a lot ^^), look no further, Neuro Voider is here ! Play as one of the three robot classes and customize it as you wish! A multitude of weapons and equipment are available and lootable between the levels of the game. At each level completed, you will have to choose between different levels and balance well between risk and profit; because if you choose a more complicated level, you will of course have more loot, but if you die, you will have to start over!

Here too, bring your friends (and girlfriends!), But choose them wisely, because the difficulty of the game is quite high! In any case, this game has a very good replayability and instant fun (good ok, after having overcome the few difficulties of understanding this one!)

Please note that the game can only be played in coop offline!

Neuro Voider

Heave Ho, platform and address

If this time you are well hooked and your nerves are strong (as well as your friendships), you can try Heave Oh ! In cooperation, the goal is for everyone to move to the next level. The game is also well thought out for solo, so all stages can be done solo. So you can either help the weaker ones or go straight to the end and wait for them to get there on their own. Attention, giggles and guaranteed tilts! Whether you choose the self-help or the personal version, you will necessarily have a good AND a bad time on Heave Ho with your friends, and that's what makes it so charming!

Likewise, Heave Ho is playable in offline co-op only!

Stick Fight, fight brawler

After playing all of these co-op games, you're going to want to kill your allies (yes, I assure you!). And this is where Stick fight intervenes! The advantage of Stick Fight is that it is very easy to play, but difficult to master. So you can bring all your friends on it and they'll play it without any harm! Being for example a fan of super smash bros, it is on the contrary much more complicated to bring new players on it, there will quickly be the difference in level that is felt! With Stick Fight you won't have this problem! In short, a very good game to let off steam and end a great evening!

Stick Fight is playable in local or online co-op!

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Here are some very good games to play especially with several people on the sofa, but also online. You will necessarily have a good time on these games, a good thing to relax without getting confused!

By Alchemists, February 2021

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