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Witch Elementalist Vaal Spark Archamage full content Path of Exile 3.13 asu

Elementalist Vaal Spark full content

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Spark Archmage full content on Path of Exile 3.14, to hit millions of damage and be super tough! Beginner friendly


Build possibilities

As a preamble to the guide, here is the list of its possibilities:

  • shaper / elder / atziri / conquerors / sirus: no problem
  • corrupted T16 map: no problem
  • uber elder / uber atziri / maven: not currently tested but theoretically feasible

Statistics and gameplay

Here are the unbuffered statistics of the build:

  • 4k life
  • 6k mana
  • 1k health and mana per second
  • 75% all resistances except chaos
  • 50% damage taken from mana instead of health
  • 2+ Million dps (including buffs and debuffs)

This build uses the power of Armage, converting your maximum (unreserved) mana into damage. The objective will therefore be to have as much mana as possible to send enormous damage. Combined with Arcane Cloack and Sigil of Power to combine defense and additional offense. Wave of conviction debuff bosses to kill them very quickly.

Statistics Witch Elementalist Vaal Spark Archamage full content Path of Exile 3.13

Passives, Ancestors and Pantheon

Here are the passives to use, you have the POB link a little further down. Go search first:

  • the nodes of life: constitution, cruel preparation, purity of flesh and devotion
  • then the mana nodes: dynamo, arcane capacitor, deep thoughts, etc.
  • then the jewels, cluster and heart of thunder damage nodes

For the ascents:

  • Liege of the primordial
  • Elemancer
  • Master of discord
  • Heart of descrution

For the pantheon:

  • Solaris: damage reduction against bosses
  • Gruthkul: damage reduction or Tukohama if you are stationary

Note: the passives and jewels are taken from the Arc d'Enki build, which is already very well optimized, thanks to him!

Passive tree Witch Elementalist Vaal Spark Archamage full content Path of Exile 3.13

Ascendance Witch Elementalist Vaal Spark Archamage full content Path of Exile 3.13


Below the equipment used, the modifiers are given in order of importance:

  • Baton pledge of hands: gems are supported by greater spell echo, mana and spell damage
  • Gloves: type leyline gloves, life, mana, resistance
  • Stygian Belt aims: life, mana, resistance
  • Boots: if possible two toned, for more resistance,, life, mana, resistance
  • Ring 1: essence worm with wrath
  • Ring 2: rare health, mana, resistance
  • Amulet: atziri's foible with mind drinker, mass mana and regen
  • Armor: cloack of defiance, mana, mind over matter, mana damage, mana regen
  • Helmet: crown of the inward eye with spark damage, both transfigurations, life and mana

For the flasks:

  • Divine with instant regen and anti-bleeding
  • Quicksliver with movespeed
  • Anti-chill mana
  • Granite with armor
  • Onslaught anti-curse

For jewels:

  • Anima stone: one more golem
  • Pure talent: stats and mana regen, because linked to the start of the Scion and Witch passive tree
  • Rare jewel: life, mana regen
  • Watcher's eye: Mana damage when affected by clarity

For clusters:

  • large with corrosive elements (lightning pene) and scintillating idea (mana and lightning pene)
  • small with mindfullness (mana and regen)

Variant :

  • If you are heading in resistance, you can use the Dream Fragments, bringing a lot of mana and mana regen! Thanks to GabDropOut for the tip!

Equipment Witch Elementalist Vaal Spark Archamage full content Path of Exile 3.13


Below is the use of equipment with their associated gems. All these are maximum levels unless specified:

  • Setup damage 6L: vaal spark, spell echo, archmage, elemental focus, controlled destruction, efficacity, greater spell echo
  • Setup 4L buff | 1s: vaal purity of lightning, increase duration, sigil of power, increase area of ​​effect | ice golem
  • Setup 3L debuff | 1s: wave of conviction, hextouch support, conductivity | vitality
  • Setup buff and 4L displacement: arcane surge, arcane cloak, flame dash, second wind
  • Setup 1S ring: wrath
  • Setup 4S golems: chaos, flame, stone golems, clarity

Path of Building link

To find my equipment, passives and associated gems, you have the POB link below:


What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Resistant and powerful
- Colossal damage
- Very versatile
- Full game content

- A little slow
- Uncapped in chaos

Asuna dm gaming

A very powerful and easy to play build, perfect if you are new to Path of Exile or if you want to play without the hassle! Its power linked to its resistance make it a perfect build for all Path of Exile situations!

By Asuna, February 2021

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