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Presentation of Dm Gaming

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We make it a point of honor to write all our articles and videos, according to the following ethics:

  • Authenticity : we are the authors and owners of all the content of the website, a source used will necessarily be cited
  • Reliability : We guarantee you viable information that you can rely on with your eyes closed
  • Quality : the content produced will always aim to be useful and never a click trap


The content you find on the site and the Youtube channel is produced by Alchemists with the help of Asuna. Michel recently joined the team and corrects all the product and existing content! You can also send me your content to be published on the site! I am also always looking for motivated people, to apply it's here !

Finally, you can also discover us via the WTF moments below or say hello to our mascots !


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The numbers speak for themselves, here is some information about Dm Gaming:

  • Website: 100 views with 000 users per month
  • YouTube: 40 views with 000 users per month


DM Gaming begins in December 2018, with the creation of the Twitch channel by Alchemists, on Heroes Of the Storm. DM Gaming then becomes an independent creator of tutorials and tests around video games.

  • 2021/07: Creation of the monthly event Hardcore challenges
  • 2020/12: Dm Gaming becomes a YouTube partner
  • 2020/01: Digital Mousquetaires becomes DM Gaming
  • 2019/10: launch of the website
  • 2019/06: opening of the YouTube channel
  • 2018/12: opening of the Twitch channel

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