The guide to killing Inarius in The Void instance is available!

A Speedfarm Light Sorceresse SSF build by Asuna on Median XL, it's here!


Michel joined the team in July 2021 and allows unprecedented quality in the writing of articles!

Michel Dm Gaming

In a few words

Since July 2021, the articles are cleaner and flawless, this is in large part thanks to Michel who works tirelessly to improve the content produced. Attracted by the help provided via DM Gaming, he brings his professionalism so that the quality of DM Gaming tests and tutorials is still a cut above! Notably, since his arrival he has made it a point of honor to correct ALL the articles on the site, so do not hesitate to thank him for his enormous work! Finally, it also helps considerably with a fresh eye and a very relevant look at the content, its form but also its reach on the networks!

As you can see, this is a new, future essential element of the DM Gaming team!

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