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Build Dancing Strike Last Epoch 0 9, to kill with style on the Bladedancer
All Bravery and Greed Traits

Reaper Rogue Heroes, go to the graveyard and unlock the class

Unlock the Reaper class

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Reaper Rogue Heroes: find in this guide how to access the graveyard to unlock this class and thus be able to play it!

Build Dancing Strike Last Epoch 0 9, to kill with style on the Bladedancer
All Bravery and Greed Traits
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In this section:

  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • Find the key to the cemetery: (00:12 )
  • Solve the mausoleum puzzle: (01:08 )
  • Successfully complete the 12 floors of the dungeons to kill Necrosaur: (02:31 )
  • Unlock Reaper Class: (03:40 )
  • Last word: (04:17 )

Find the key to the cemetery

If you've explored the west of the map, you must have already come across a closed door giving access to the graveyard. If this is not the case, it is located at the end of the road west of the city of departure. To find the key, you must go to the ghost village. The easiest way is to go through the three stalagmites using Kezar's gloves, if necessary you have our guide to finding Kezar gloves. Then go to your left and talk to the ghostly character. He will tell you that the key to the cemetery is in the left garden and ask you to go and save the rest of his family stuck in the mausoleum. To retrieve the key, take your shovel at the cross on the ground and dig.

key graveyard rogue heroes dm gaming

To retrieve the key to the cemetery, dig there!

Note that as soon as you see a cross on the ground, take out your shovel! You will generally have a sphere of power.

Solve the cemetery puzzle

The key in your possession, return to the level of the cemetery. You will have a puzzle to solve in order to be able to go through the mausoleum. Read the plaque on the inscription of the entrance to the mausoleum, it will give you 6 sentences to know:

  1. In the dark
  2. When the glow of the blaze
  3. Cast a shadow on the stone
  4.  The eternal flame
  5. Open the barrier
  6. And the world below reveals itself

You will have to activate via your lantern all the seals and in the order given above! Once done, you will be able to enter the mausoleum and face the dungeon. You can also use the graveyard if you ever run out of gold, it will drop at a terrific rate!


enigmatic inscription of the mausoleum rogue heroes dm gamingRemember the order or keep this guide handy!

Successfully complete the 12 floors of the dungeons to kill Necrosaur

Once these steps are completed, the door will be opened. Be careful, even if the dungeon seems very simple, the monsters will be more and more powerful depending on the floors! the creeps will be level 71 on floor 11. Also note that you will no longer have any care on floors 9, 10 and 11, and that you will therefore have to face the boss with a low life if you have lost any on these three levels. Remember to play very safe and possibly take some potions.

The boss in itself is not very difficult, you will have an evasion phase, avoid all the fireballs, and a phase where he opens his rib cage and you can inflict damage on him. The harder part is when he summons skeletons, which happens randomly, so be sure to get rid of them first! Once defeated, the last family member will be found and he will ask you to travel to Ghost Town again.

boss dungeon graveyard rogue heroes dm gamingNecrosaur, The Boss of the Cemetery Dungeon

Unlock the Reaper class

Don't worry, the hard part is behind you! Go back to the ghost town, to the same place where you found the key to the cemetery and talk to the npc who will have the choice to be together even if they are still dead! They will give you the Reaper Class Fabric Thread and you can buy it from the Outfit Merchant! It will still cost 800 gems, the NPC could have made a rebate!

unlock reaper class rogue heroes dm gamingFinally the reward, the Reaper class!

Alchemists dm gaming

In Rogue Heroes, nothing is easy! In any case, if you want to unlock the Reaper class, you can do so without too much hassle with this guide!

By Alchemists, March 2021

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