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Rogue Legacy 2

Rogue Legacy 2, all our guides to help you on one of the best games of 2022 and probably the best roguelite!


Rogue Legacy 2 Ether Wings for Double Jump Wings of Ether Rogue Legacy 2 11/05/2022 Guide To unlock the double jump!
Rogue Legacy 2 Echo Boots Echo Rogue Legacy 2 Boots 09/05/2022 Guide To be able to reset the bonds!
Pallas Rogue Legacy 2 Void Bell to get a Void Leap Void Bell Rogue Legacy 2 12/05/2022 Guide To cross the walls of nothingness!
Heritage Tome of Aesop Rogue Legacy 2 Aesop's Tome Rogue Legacy 2 09/05/2022 Guide To be able to read memoirs!

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Rogue Legacy 2 Gold Trophy Heavy Weapons Scar in under 20 seconds and how to find it Scar Heavy Weapons Rogue Legacy 2 13/05/2022 Scar Get the gold trophy on Heavy Weapons!
Rogue Legacy 2 Complete Guide, everything you need to know about the game to get started Rogue Legacy 2 Complete Guide 26/05/2022 Full Everything you need to know about the game!
All Prime Rogue Legacy 2 Superior Scars in Gold Trophy All Scars Rogue Legacy 2 Primes 31/05/2022 End game, Secret Unlock all the latest scars!
All Rogue Legacy 2 scars in gold trophy, find and do them easily All Rogue Legacy 2 Scars 24/05/2022 Secret Unlock all the first scars!


Boss Rogue Legacy 2 Lamech Estuary, Nether Beast and Nahama Estuary Bosses 1, 2 and 3 Rogue Legacy 2 12/05/2022 Boss How to kill the first three bosses!
Estuary Enoch boss #4 Rogue Legacy 2, the complete guide! Boss 4 Estuary Enoch Rogue Legacy 2 19/05/2022 Boss How to kill the fourth boss!
Estuary Irad Boss #5 Rogue Legacy 2 and Solar Lantern Boss 5 Irad Estuary and Solar Lantern 19/05/2022 Boss How to kill the fifth boss!
Estuary Tubal Rogue Legacy 2, to easily access and kill boss 6 Boss 6 Estuary Tubal Rogue Legacy 2 20/05/2022 Boss How to kill the sixth boss!
The (almost) final confrontation of Rogue Legacy 2, where you will fight the guardian of the J'ardin d'Éden, Jonas the 7th boss of the game! Boss 7 Jonas Rogue Legacy 2 20/05/2022 Boss How to kill the seventh boss!
Boss Final Rogue Legacy 2, how to face Cain and finish the game Boss Final Cain Rogue Legacy 2 23/05/2022 Boss, End game How to kill the final boss!
All the secrets of Rogue Legacy 2 to get the 15% damage to bosses Secrets +15% boss damage 17/05/2022 Secret Recover 15% damage from each boss!
Boss Prime Rogue Legacy 2 All Rogue Legacy 2 bounty bosses 01/06/2022 Boss, End game All the top bosses and the true ending!