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All Rogue Legacy 2 scars in gold trophy, find and do them easily

All Rogue Legacy 2 Scars

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To find and complete all scars in Rogue Legacy 2 with a gold trophy! Secrets and Full Operation!

  • All Rogue Legacy 2 scars :(00:00)
  • Scars and Disabilities: (00:12)
  • Order of upgrades to take: (00:59)
  • A fairly simple start, Erebus: (01:45)
  • Heavy Weapons, Erebus: (01:52)
  • The Two Masters, Agartha Citadel: (02:14)
  • Narrow Praxis, Axis Mundi: (03:45)
  • Tranchante Rose, Plateau Kerguelen: (04:36)
  • Closed Space, Stygian Study: (06:42)
  • Automata, Dry Lake Pishon: (07:40)
  • Prime Scars: (09:48)
  • Everything on and our shop ! : (10:01)

  • All scars Rogue Legacy 2: (00:00)
  • Scars and Empathy: (00:10)
  • Upgrades choice and order: (00:54)
  • A simple start, Erebus: (01:32)
  • Heavy Weapons, Erebus: (01:40)
  • The Two Masters, Agartha Citadel: (01:56)
  • Narrow Praxis, Axis Mundi: (03:22)
  • Bladed Rose, Kerguelen Plateau: (04:12)
  • Closed Space, Stygian Study: (06:18)
  • Automata, Pishon Dry Lake: (07:17)
  • Prime Scars: (09:20)
  • All on : (09:32)

Scars and Disabilities

Scars are an essential element of Rogue Legacy 2. They will allow you to unlock new class variants, to choose a spell and a class, to have new passives, to convert your currencies and much more. You must therefore at all costs make these scars when they are available. There are several things to know about scars:

  • they are hidden
  • they ask to have killed a certain boss
  • you can lower the difficulty via handicaps
  • the trophies correspond to the sum of your successes per class (except specific scars)
    • for a gold trophy of 225 points, you must have 000 classes with 10 points or 22500 with 11
  • scars are unlocked by killing an Estuary

Each time a scar has been unlocked, you start with a handicap of 0/9. When you do the red portals, the instance where you enter and kill waves of enemies, you can get a bonus by completing this one. For example, you will get +15% life and damage on a scar. If you do 9 instances of red portals, you will get 135% more damage and life or 9 seconds of free timer. As much to tell you that it will be much simpler!

Which upgrades to choose?

You will have one upgrade package to choose from:

  • all class variants, which I do not recommend unless you have a crush
    • for this take advantage of the special weapons found in the game to try this alternative class
  • preferential treatment and existential appeasement, to choose a class and its automatic fate
  • embroidered investments and runic horizons will be very useful
    • embroidered investments from the start of the game, runic horizons after having finished it for the first time
  • limitless potential if you play mostly one class
  • masteries if you want to improve certain passives even higher, such as recovered gold or experience
  • insatiable greed if ever Charon is at max level
  • quintessence of resentment is not needed, it gives random weapon and talent, like a mage with a sword

A fairly simple start Erebus

First scar you will unlock in the NPC presentation. Kill the monsters to succeed.

Heavy Weapons, Erebus

To succeed and find that scar, the complete guide toRogue Legacy 2 heavy weapons.

The Two Masters, Agartha Citadel

This is located just at the beginning of the castle La Citadelle Agartha, there are however two conditions to be able to recover it:

  • play the archer
  • beat the Lamech Estuary boss

Be careful, this scar is not the simplest! You will need to kill the two Ju-Mech Estuaries, copies of Lamech Estuary:

  • you will have three relics, one in each door
  • go to the level of the blue ball under the bridge to activate the instance
  • a chicken on the left and right of the map hidden in a lantern

Narrow praxis, Axis of the world

This one is at the level of the Pizza stand, where you have unlocked the NPC allowing you to use the waypoints. Search the room for a button and its associated secret passage.

  • defeat the Void Beast boss
  • have unlocked the Ranger class

Here is the course of the scar, where you will have to face

Sharp Rose, Tray Kerguelen 

This one is at the level of the statue giving you the ether wings, there is a hidden wall to destroy to find the scar.

  • beat the Nahama Estuary boss

Here is the course of the scar, where you will have to face

Confined Space, Stygian Study

Go to the Stygian Study, the area with the three doors. Take the middle one and go to the barrel on the left. Be careful not to break it and press the Activate button. You will be waiting for an area to get the scar.

  • beat the Enoch Estuary boss

You will have to face the True Estuary Enoch again, in a restricted space:

  • take advantage of the potions phases to put damage
  • dodge its leaps with a dash
  • bounce on it when it runs

Automata, Lake Pishon

To find this last scar, go to the Lake Pishon Warehouse. Activate the barrel as for go get the 15% bonus against the boss and go up to the top right. Break the secret wall to find the scar.

  • beat the Tubal Estuary boss

This scar is quite simple, you will have many Ax Shield Dagger enemies and then an elite of each. Take area and over time damage to make sure you kill every small enemy in one hit and don't get overwhelmed.

Premium Scars

There is also another set of scars, much more complicated to unlock because you will have to kill the Prime boss:

  • killing Prime Lamech
  • killing Prime Nether Beast
  • having killed Prime Nahama
  • having killed Prime Enoch
  • having killed Prime Irad
  • having killed Prime Tubal
  • kill Prime Tubal and restart a game
  • killing Prime Cain

Good luck !

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Alchemists dm gaming

If you want to complete the game, you will have to go through all the scars of Rogue Legacy 2. With this guide, you will have all the hidden locations, the conditions but also tips to find them much more easily!

Rogue Legacy 2 Dm Gaming submenu

By Alchemists, May 2022

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