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The Slormancer: find our complete file on the game, tests and tutorials to help you in this indie Hack & Slash!

Temple Slorm The Slormancer, news Temple Slorm The Slormancer 31/07/2021 MAJ, Test Added cataclysm, temple and juicy slorm!
the slormancer, a pixel action hack and slash india The slormancer, hack & slash action test 06/04/2021 HnS, India, Pixel Art, Test lasses, gameplay, world and rating!


Build Wrath Hunter X Speed ​​Farm The Slormancer Build Huntress The Slormancer Wrath X 15/04/2021 Distance, speedfarm To speed farm expeditions!
Build Knight The Slormancer Wrath X Tank Thorns Build Knight Tank The Slormancer Wrath X 22/04/2021 Off-meta, Tank An ultra tanky build based on retaliation!
Build Mighty Angry Knight X The Slormancer Build Knight The Slormancer Wrath X 13/04/2021 Tank Easily achieve 10 Wrath Expeditions!
Build Mage Orb of the Wrath Master X The Slormancer Build Mage Orb The Slormancer Wrath X 17/04/2021 Mage To clean the whole screen very quickly!
Build Mage Controle Anger X, The Slormancer; JPG Build Mage The Slormancer Wrath X 28/04/2021 Mage A card aggro build for creeps and elites!
Nature Point Huntress Wrath 10 The Slormancer Huntress Fist The Angry Slormancer 10 26/04/2021 Mage To kill all mobs and bosses at once!
Build Speed ​​farm Goldus: find a build allowing you to quickly recover gold on The Slormancer at a rate of 50 per minute! Speed ​​farm Goldus The Slormancer 19/04/2021 GF, Premium To collect 50 gold per minute!

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The Slormancer gameplay classes and presentation mage, huntress and knight The Slormancer class guide 06/04/2021 Characters Understand the strengths of each class!
Craft The Slormancer the guide to improve its items Guide Craft The Slormancer 08/04/2021 Craft To create very powerful objects!
Farming guide The Slormancer xp, gold, legendary etc The Slormancer instance farming guide 21/04/2021 Farm Optimize your farms gold, xp, items, weapon!
Temple of the Slorm NPC Guide to Juicy Slorm 02/08/2021 NPC The techniques to farm the temple!
Guide The Slormancer, to understand everything about the game Guide The Slormancer 06/04/2021 Beginner, Premium All important information about the game!
Ancestral Legacy The Slormancer, guide and description Ancestral Legacy The Slormancer 25/04/2021 Liabilities How to put your points in the right place!
Slorm Reaper The Slormancer evolution and primordial Slorm Reaper Primordial The Slormancer 15/04/2021 Equipment, Premium Understand the weapons and their evolutions!


Boss Act 1 Cemetery The Slormancer (beware of spoilers) Boss act 1 The Slormancer 06/04/2021 Gameplay The first boss of the game in full gameplay!

Improvements for The Slormancer, sharing ideas Ideas improvements The Slormancer 30/04/2021 Analysis The list of improvement ideas!