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the slormancer, a pixel action hack and slash india

The test

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The Slormancer test: find all the information about the game in this test! Classes, gameplay, world and final grade!

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  • Intro: (00:00 )
  • The classes: (00:22 )
  • Gameplay and game interest: (01:36 )
  • Script and artistic direction: (03:40 )
  • Future content, roadmap: (05:12 )
  • Multiplayer and online: (06:10 )
  • Balance sheet and note: (07:02 )
  • Last word: (07:57 )

The classes

In The Slormancer, you can play as three classes and change in town to switch between them. You will have gold in common and will be able to transfer your items via a chest. However, all slormite upgrades will be unique to your character. Here are the three classes you can embody:

  • The Mighty Knight: A melee class that can hold up well and deal heavy melee damage
  • The malicious mage: the magician class, allowing you to cast various melee or ranged spells
  • The fierce huntress: the ultimate distance class, having a bow and arrows to slay your enemies

The interactions between the characters are quite limited, but not to be underestimated. There is for example a passive which increases the chances of critical strike of the knight according to the total levels of the mage and the huntress! Gold will be shared with all of your characters, but your level and spell experience will be unique to your character. You can also transfer items from one character to another.

Note that currently Slormite Studios has no plans to add an additional class.

The Slormancer Dm gaming classesOnce unlocked, you will be able to freely change to a class city

Gameplay and game interest

For me, a hack & slash action should have good gameplay and make the player want to improve their character. We find a fairly classic gameplay but which has largely proven itself, requiring good management of the character's placement, attack and dodge timing and knowledge of enemy attacks. The Slormancer fits perfectly into this context of Hack & Slash action.

Where the game is strong is at the level of possible customizations of your character. It will indeed be possible to choose and improve your weapon, the slorm reaper, to choose your spells and the passive tree for each spell, and to complete them with a global tree of passive, active and aura called ancestral inheritance. You will also have three class specializations for each hero. The system is intelligently well thought out, you can easily switch from one to the other or reset the points invested as long as you pay 20% of the total.

If you like to improve your character, you will surely succumb to the up of your heroes on The Slormancer, so much the game makes you want to build it.

equipment, slorm reaper and passive the slormancer dm gamingEquipment, slorm reaper and passives!

customization of spells the slormancer dm gamingMage Specialization and Spells

customization of ancestral heritage the slormancer dm gamingThe ancestral heritage

Scenario and artistic direction

The world is divided into several acts, which you travel through in the form of an instance. You will therefore have to carry out the zones one by one and progress towards the bump of the act. The management is very neat and fun, if you get the chance read the dialogues these are very well constructed. So as not to spoil everything for you but to share some nice moments from the beginning of the story, when you choose your hero, the other two will point the finger to indicate "he is the one who is not going to fight us"; or you will have to create a potion with rat death "to make it even stronger", and which will result in killing the NPC. The game is filled with those little details that make it all the more enjoyable.

As for the story itself, you will have to recover the villagers who have mysteriously disappeared. Note that a fault system is quickly accessible, to see when it will be unlocked when the game is released. However, it will be useful to quickly go on an expedition because you will be able to unlock the NPCs like the man of the spell reset .

scenario and artistic direction the slormancer dm gamingSlormite Studio offers a very well thought out humorous touch

act 1 the slormancer dm gamingAct 1, various areas pending to reach the act boss

Future content, roadmap

Like any good early access game, Slormite offers a well-rounded roadmap, I've translated it below as needed:

  • The prison - July 2021
    • breach events
    • endgame the tower of despair
    • Act 2 and new missions
    • 5 enemies and 1 boss
  • The academy
    • cataclysmic modifier, for expeditions
    • endgame the grit trials
    • Act 3, new missions and 1 environment
    • 5 enemies and 1 boss
    • 20 new slorm reapers, heroes' weapons
  • Lush
    • elites with modifiers
    • influence, for the heroes
    • Act 4, new missions and 1 environment
    • 5 enemies and 1 boss
    • 20 new slorm reapers,
    • 30 new legendary items
  • The royal
    • smarter and more successful vaults
    • secret endgame
    • Act 5, new missions and 1 environment
    • 5 enemies and 2 boss
    • 20 new slorm reapers
    • 30 new legendary items
  • The finale (probably the game's release)
    • codex, which lists info
    • armory (to be confirmed), probably to save his inventory and his spells
    • endgame the hunt
    • 2 environment
    • 5 enemies and the final boss
    • 20 new slorm reapers
    • 30 new legendary items

It only remains to follow the evolution, given the timing for the first update, I estimate a release of the game probably in 2022 or even early 2023.

roadmap the slormancerThe roadmap proposed by Slormite Studios

Multiplayer and online

After explaining to you why the game is good, I will now move on to the point that bothers me the most. There is no multiplayer system, either in local or online co-op. There is also currently no planned online system, allowing for example to talk to his friends or share his achievements or his stuff. It will be necessary to be satisfied with the steam interface.

Having contacted the developers about this, they have indicated to me that they prefer to focus on "making a good single player game", which is to their credit. One thing is certain, that The Slormancer will be a good single player game, but I personally like to share my gaming experiences, that is for me the only negative point of the game.

What makes <span style="font-family: 'arial black', 'avant garde';">inlingua</span> different The -
- Very enjoyable gameplay from the start
- Endless possibilities of customization
- A desire to farm to improve your character
- A beautiful scriptwriting

- No online or multiplayer system

Alchemists dm gaming

Without reinventing the genre, Slormite Studios hits hard with The Slormancer and stands out as a future hack & slash action at the top. The elements already present in the game at this late stage of the game's release are impressive, and those not yet available are only good!

four star dm gaming

By Alchemists, April 2021

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